February 16, 2019 | Leah D

Quick & Easy Braided Bun

Now I’m no hair or beauty guru, however I do like trying out cute hairstyles. From fishtail, dutch and french braided styles, I think playing with different hairstyles and textures so fun. These small details can really pull together any outfit.

So today I’m so excited to be sharing a fun and simple braided bun look. For this style, I borrowed my lovely friend Jane to be my hair model. For this mini tutorial, I’ll be showing you the steps I used along with the hair products to achieve the look.

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February 13, 2019 | Leah D

50 Shades of Emma Stone

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You may know her and love her from movies such as “Easy A”, “La la Land” and “The Amazing Spiderman.” Not only is Stone an incredible actress, but she  is also  a hair chameleon, going from blonde, to brunette and most famously a redhead! Although she is naturally a blonde (shocking, I know), she often changes up her hair color and style for roles. Today we’ll be going through some of her best looks and how to achieve them.

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February 6, 2019 | Nádia A.


Are you always in a rush in the mornings and wish you had a more time- efficient way of straightening your hair?

Well, meet the iconic Heated Paddle Ceramic Brush by Verdict. 

Its nano ceramic barrel ensures that minimal damage is done to the hair. From various heating settings available, ranging from 350 to 450 ◦ F, you can easily adjust the settings for quick styling.

Get yours  here.

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February 3, 2019 | Nádia A.

…OK so it may not be the Chinese New Year just yet, but we have taken this as an  opportunity to wish you well in advance!  (And just in case you were wondering, this year’s Lunar Year will be on Feb 5th which, according to the Chinese zodiacs, falls on the Year of the Pig).

In preparation for the celebrations, we have compiled a list of hairstyles to wear for the occasion  and thought we would share it with you.

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