Hand & Foot Care

Are you constantly on your feet? If you answered yes, then we have the products for you! To help destress tired feet, we have blister shields, destresser foams, foot buffers, protectors and exfoliators to help you relaxe. So take the time to pamper your feet.

Solingen Callus Remover
CAD 29.99
Solingen Original Stainless Steel Callus Remover
CAD 81.99
Natural Remedy Callus Exfoliator
CAD 27.49
Foot Expertise Active Care - 100Ml
CAD 31.95
Foot Expertise Blister Shield
CAD 27.95
Foot Expertise Capillary Plus - 150Ml
CAD 43.95
Foot Expertise Cracks Refiller - 75Ml
CAD 33.95
Foot Expertise Cream Wash - 200Ml
CAD 29.95
Foot Expertise Deo Refresh 2In1 - 125Ml
CAD 27.95
Foot Expertise Destresser Foamer 150Ml
CAD 33.95
Foot Expertise Fresh Feet Trio
CAD 48.99
Foot Expertise Hydra Recharge - 75Ml
CAD 33.95