Tools & Accessories

Need tools to care for your face and body? We've got you covered. With pumice stones, nail buffers, beauty blenders, cellulose sponges, and nail clippers to name a few, you'll be able to feel your best while looking your best too.

Professional Glass Pumice Stone
CAD 6.49
Three-Sided Buffing Block
CAD 2.99
Professional Acrylic Nipper
CAD 35.09
Professional Comedo- Extractor
CAD 19.99
Professional Cuticle Cleaner & Gel Removal Tool
CAD 24.99
Professional Cuticles
CAD 16.99
Professional Cuticule Pusher / Cleaner
CAD 21.99
Professional Cuticule Pusher / Remover
CAD 21.99
Professional Extremely Pointed Tip (Needle Nose) Tweezers
CAD 13.99
Professional Eyelash Extension Precision Angled Tweezer
CAD 16.99
Professional Heavy Duty Toenail Nipper
CAD 35.09
Professional Mini Slanted Tip Tweezers Comes With Pouch
CAD 12.99