Oils & Serums

Even if you have oily hair, using a hair oil at least once a week can be beneficial to your hair health. Oils help to detangle wet hair, seal the cuticle, act as a heat protectant and can restore lipids in the hair. It also makes the hair apear shiny and healthy. From silk-infused oil, argan oil, tea tree oil and rose hip oil to name a few, Beauty Route has the perfect blend to restore your hair to it's best health. With industry leading brands such as Lakme, KeraStraight, CHI, and Joico, we have the hair oil that fits your hair needs.

Intense Serum Style ID 59 ml
CAD 33.95
K-Pak Intense Hydrator 250 ml
CAD 19.13
K-Pak Reconstruct Protect & Shine Serum 50 ml
CAD 20.33
KeraStraight Ultimate Oil 100 ml
CAD 54.99
K.Therapy BioArgan Oil 125 ml
CAD 33.68
K.Therapy BioArgan Oil Sachet 5 ml
CAD 1.50
Teknia Sun Care Serum 100 ml
CAD 16.43
Magic Gloss Anti-frizz Shine Serum
CAD 17.63
Liquid Gloss 50ml
CAD 23.94
Teknia Deep Care Drops 100 ml
CAD 16.43
K.Therapy Active Lotion 125 ml
CAD 28.43
K.Therapy Active Shock Concentrate 8U X 6 ml
CAD 50.93