Brushes & Combs

Looking for a new comb? Whether you're looking for a classic hair comb or one for your beard, we've got you covered. With industry leading brands such as YS Park, babylisspro and Denman, we have the perfect comb to meet your hair needs.

Natural Bristles Beard Brush
CAD 13.99
Ultra-Flex Carbon Barber Soft Comb
CAD 26.95
Large Barber Comb
CAD 9.95
Small Barber Comb
CAD 8.95
Barber Combs Set
CAD 26.35
Men's Dressing Comb
CAD 7.95
Men's Pocket Comb
CAD 7.95
Barber Comb
CAD 3.99
Standard Cutting Comb
CAD 3.99
Flex Carbon Barber Soft Comb
CAD 19.95
Flex Carbon Barber Comb 187mm
CAD 15.95
Flex Barber Normal Comb
CAD 25.95