Shaving & Beard

Do you have a beard or know someone who has one that needs a bit of love? At Beauty Route we carry products geared towards your specific needs. From beard balms, shaving cream/oil, blades, shaving soap, moisturizer and aftershave, we have the perfect product for your beard needs.

Beard Balm
CAD 27.95
Devil'S Water Aftershave
CAD 30.00
Y.S. Park Barber Set
CAD 309.98
Y.S. Park Neck Fitter
CAD 139.95
Comfort Cut Blades
CAD 283.99
Comfort Safe Blades
CAD 283.99
Tcr Blades
CAD 149.99
Tm Razor For Shaving
CAD 144.99
Tss3 Blades
CAD 199.99
Shaving Soap Norwegian Spear
CAD 49.95
Shaving Soap Himalayan Cedar
CAD 49.95
Shaving Soap Isle Of Man
CAD 49.95