Have you been dreaming of longer, thicker, more volumized hair? Whether you want to achieve this look on a daily basis or for a special event, hair extensions can be the perfect solution. On Beauty Route we carry microsphere loop extensions, tape ins, hot press and clip in extensions to help you best meet your needs.

For PRO – Pulling Hook Extension Tool
CAD 14.95
Moist Maintain Duo for Extensions
CAD 24.99
For PRO –Stick Loop Pulling Needle Extension Tool
CAD 25.95
For PRO –Stick Micro Ring Extension Tool
CAD 18.95
For PRO – Stick Plier Extension Tool
CAD 51.95
For PRO – Sticky Remover Liquid Extension Accessory
CAD 24.95
For PRO- Sticky Replacement Adhesive Tape Extension Accessory
CAD 22.99
Tail Comb Extension Tool
CAD 2.99