Hair Color

Want to change up your hair color? We have all the tools you need to achieve that new and fresh look. From the hair dye, mixing trays, brushes, glosses, caps and Bondplex, we'll help you complete the hair process from start to finish. From industry leading brands such as JOICO, CHI, Wella,and Pravana, we have the perfect products to meet your hair needs.

Color Freedom Hair Color Thickening Drops
CAD 27.99
For PRO  Hair Forensic Bondplex Creator
CAD 62.77
For PRO  Hair Forensic Bondplex Nourisher
CAD 28.95
For PRO  Hair Forensic Bondplex Sealer
CAD 55.95
Luminage Lightening Compound 500 gr
CAD 20.95
For PRO   Bondex Builder (Step 1)
CAD 85.95
For PRO  Bondex Intensifier (Step 2)
CAD 55.95
for PRO Bondex Maintainer (Step 3)
CAD 57.95
Collage Developer 6% 1000 ml

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Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue 150ml
CAD 21.38
Blondor Extra Cool Blonde 2 in 1 Lightener & Toner 150 gr
CAD 39.92
Wella Color Touch Emulsion 6 Vol
CAD 14.13