Brushes & Combs

Dreaming of tangle-free hair? Here at Beauty Route, we carry a wide variety of combs and brushes. Whether you need one for everyday use, for teasing, detangling, styling, blowdrying, or curling, we carry thermal brushes, fine cutting, wide cutting, ceramic and paddle brushes. We work with industry leading brands such as YS Park, KeraStraight, CHI and Denman to have the perfect tool to meet your hair needs.

Ultra Aluminum Thermal Brush 2Cm
CAD 18.19
Ultra Large Argan And Keratin Brush 44Mm
CAD 16.89
Ultra Medium Argan And Keratin Brush 33Mm
CAD 19.99
Ultra Argan And Keratin Brush 23Mm
CAD 16.99
Ultra Cushion Rectangular Brush
CAD 18.99
Ultra Cushion Oval Brush
CAD 14.99
Ultra Cushion Rectangular Brush With Silicone Gel Handle
CAD 21.99
Ultra Extra-Large Ceramic Brush With Silicone Gel Handle 53Mm
CAD 23.99
Large Extra Long Ceramic Brush With Rubber Grip 53Mm
CAD 27.99
Ultra Jumbo Circular Ceramic Thermal Brush 53Mm
CAD 19.99
Ultra Large Ceramic Brush With Silicone Gel Handle 44 Mm
CAD 23.99
Ultra Medium Ceramic Brush With Silicone Gel Handle 25 Mm
CAD 19.99