Flat Irons

If your goal is to get that silky, smooth, straight hair, then look no further! We carry a wide array of flat iron brands, sizes and materials. However we always deal with the best quality, as we carry hot tools made with titanium and ceramic for optimal hair results. From industry leading brands such as FHI, GAMA Italy, CHI, Croc and Glam Palm, we have a flat iron to meet your hair needs.

Travel Mini Flat Iron 3/4"
CAD 71.95
Classic Infrared Flat Iron 1-1/2"
CAD 235.76
Classic  Free Style Flat Iron 1-1/2"
CAD 168.26
Classic Titanium Flat Iron 1"
CAD 168.26
Infrared Flat Iron 1"
CAD 235.76
Premium Titanium  Flat Iron 1-1/2"
CAD 217.76
Free Style Skin Pattern Flat Iron 1-1/2"
CAD 156.56
Glamour Ceramic  Curl Iron 1"
CAD 188.99 CAD 58.95 -69% OFF
Classic Digital Flat Iron 1-1/2"
CAD 341.95
Classic Ceramic Flat Iron 1"
CAD 341.95
Simple Touch Classic Flat Iron 1"
CAD 341.95
Voluminous Classic Flat Iron 1"
CAD 359.95